Casa “Il Rosario” is an accommodation for short stays for religious people, tourists, pilgrims and families. A social and religious tourism which offers to all Guests, together with the hospitality, a warm and peaceful place, with the opportunity to discover the human and Christian values, in a relationship of respect, brotherhood, friendship, prayer and friendliness with everyone.

Casa "Il Rosario" is a tool at the Congregation disposal with which it can pursue its goals of aid and assistance to Missions in the Developing World and for the assistance, social integration and hospitality to people, according to the Church teachings and social Doctrine.

The activity is therefore run beyond the normal channels of commercial and promotional activity and is thus nonprofit, since it is part of the mission and Christian apostolate of the Congregation.

Failure to observe the Rules of the House may cause the expulsion from the House and the interruption of the Stay.

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